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Eikon Ltd promotes and markets a wide range of  orthodox icons in  byzantine-style, in orthodox  realistic style and orthodox objects as golden and silver plated.
Essential principle of our company is to promote orthodox icons and religious objects of quality and not a “single use”, which actually invaded the market for a “reasonable” price, but without being genuine and lacking the tradition of producing orthodox icons and religious objects.
Our company executes commands  icons litographed applied and icons litographed in wooden frames in different sizes approximately 200 models for parishes, monasteries, dioceses from Romania and Serbia, Union European, USA, Canada and Australia. In this sense, we have a rich experience in executing: Saint Parascheva of Iasi, Holy Virgin Mary of Kazan, Holy Virgin Mary of Vladimir, Holy Virgin Mary of Ierusalem, Saint John the New of Suceava,  Holy Virgin Mary Pantanassa, Saint Matrona of Moskow,  Holy Virgin Mary of Don and  various icons  with saints of byzantine style: Saint George, Saint Stephen the Great, Saint Anthony, Saint Demetrius, Saint Mina, Saint John the Russian, Saint Nectarios, Saint Basil, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Spyridon , etc..
Eikon Ltd runs the command icons painted on wood traverse lime, gold with agate stone in old  technique  of byzantines masters. We do paint veils and we experience in this regard.
Our company trades plastified icons, rolled, diptychs, and icons triptych locked semiprecious stones, enamel, silver and golden plated.
Regarding the objects of worship we have bronze chandeliers totaling over 40 models  from 3 bulbs up to 154 bulbs (6-storey, 6.5 m - height, weight - 500 kg). We manufacture and custom chandeliers, taking into account the client wishes, for example replacing candle bulbs, or add a floor.
Eikon Ltd. offers a wide range of orthodox objects, executed at the same high quality of the pictures presented, candles or foot climbing enamel, silver and gold plated, censers, aluminum font, candlesticks with seven branches and with candles or lamps, candlesticks with the  1,3,5,12,18,24,30,36 candles; cross of blessing gold and silver plated, with enamel, baptism kits, communion kits, casket for holy relics, crosses for towers of the different size, holy ark, the sacred vessels, unction set, etc.
Our company trades quality supplies and frankincense, myrrh, coal and wicks.
Eikon export icons and religious objiects of quality for parishes, monasteries, dioceses from Italy, Spain, Germany, Serbia, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Norway, Belgia, Denmark, England, USA, Canada and Australia.