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Dear Valued Customers,


Founded in 2000, Eikon Ltd distinguishes itself from other companies not only because of the quality and diversity of our own-produced icons’ range, but it is also known for marketing other orthodox objects. EIKON is one of the most significant orthodox objects’ producers and distributors, our products can be found in most dioceses in Romania. Furthermore, the high-quality of our products is acknowledged on a global level, Eikon Ltd having clients all around the world: Europe, Asia, Australia and the US. Thus, we are very glad for this exceptional feedback sustained over the years not just because of our very qualitative products, but also because of promoting them at important orthodox fairs in Romania and other countries.

In what concerns our own production, our Manufactory has a wide and diverse range of icons, personalized models executed on various materials, such as: wan, countertop and frames made of wood, MDF, canvas, glass and many more. Moreover, we manufacture icons of diverse sizes, the longest ones having 1.6 m. However, we cannot forget to mention our plastic-coated icons, diptych and triptych, which can be found in our own production range as well. Apart from this, we manufacture lithographed and wooden framed icons, as well as icons painted on lime wood, golden plated or decorated with precious stones such as agate – executed in an old technique adopted from byzantine masters. Furthermore, we do paint veils and we have a fruitful experience in this regard. Here, at Eikon Ltd, we believe that each icon needs to belong to a soul which would value and appreciate its beauty. Therefore, we manufacture over 300 of models – various representations of Mother of God, Jesus Christ, diverse orthodox scenes and different saints. Our range includes byzantine and realist style icons, our aim is to offer you a various range of products, focusing on their quality and unicity.

EIKON products can be found in most Romanian dioceses, we mention just some of our partners: Moldova and Bucovina Metropolitan Cathedral, The Metropolitan of Ardeal, The Metropolis of Cluj, The Metropolis of Banat, The Archbishop of Suceava and Radauti,The Archbishop of Roman, The Archbishop of Alba-Iulia, The Archbishop of Arad, The Bishop of Maramures and Satmar, The Bishop of Deva and Hunedoara, The Bishop of Oradea, The Bishop of Husi, as well as other dioceses from abroad.

EIKON Ltd has partnerships of 20 years old with ones of the most important suppliers of orthodox objects in Europe, such as: Sofrino – the biggest producer of Russia’s Patriarchy, and Greek factories – well-known for their frankincense, silver icons and objects made of gold and silver. Also, we mention other important partners such as important suppliers from Ukraine, Serbia and The Republic of Moldavia. Thus, we do commercialize products that meet the quality, aesthetics and authenticity requirements.  

Apart from our own production, EIKON Ltd is a major distributor in Romania, our range of orthodox objects being one of the largest. Therefore, maybe the best products regarding this aspect are the chandeliers. There are three categories of chandeliers – golden plated, molded massive and made of antimony – each one totaling over 50 models. These products have between three and 215 bulbs, and up to seven levels, seven meters and 500 kg. EIKON Ltd will ensure you professional service such as assembling, consulting and delivering the objects. We execute personalized chandeliers, of course, because we care about your preferences, these can include – replacing the bulbs and/or adding an extra level.

Likewise, we market crosses for church’s steeple – golden, of sizes between 60 cm and three meters, made of inox, covered in titanium powder – golden board for church’s roof and bell, made of alloys containing bronze and copper, weighting between six and 500 kg.

In our showroom, as well as in our shops, you can find various objects designed for practicing orthodox divine service such as: The Holy Table, proscomidiar (table of oblation), candles, The Holy Vessels – diverse models of crosses, The Gospel, The Holy Ark, censers, aluminium font, made of inox or copper, baptism and communion kits, candlestiks of up to 50 candles – and many more. Also, we have products special designed for bishops as well.

Last but not least, we invite you to have a look at other categories of products as well, such as robes, church furniture, religious objects made of wood and silver. EIKON Ltd markets other various objects - from frankincens, myrrh, charcoal, to religious music on CDs.

Recognised worldwide for its high-quality products and service provided, EIKON Ltd offers you a various range of wonderful products, with a stunning aesthetic, according to the Orthodox Church norms and values. Because of this, we aim to please each and every customer, thus we put all the effort into improving our service. Our team is very glad for having customers who trust the quality of our service and products, and we are more than delighted to respond to your every single order.


God bless you all,